Industrial Pars temperature group at a glance:
Pars Industrial Industrial Group started its professional activities in the field of thermal equipment, refrigeration and water supply in 2006 and then started the present site under the name of Pars Thermal in order to provide clear and prompt information.

Most important activities:
* The thermal equipment manufacturer includes:
Boiler oil – Water boiler and spa water in two types of two pass and three pass with high efficiency of the type of bat-coil-coil-coil-heat exchangers – pressure vessels and reservoirs and …. is

* Refrigerating equipment manufacturer including:
Condenser Condenser Chiller – Air – Mini Chiller in Different Capacities – IIS Bank – OPERATOR – Types of Cooling Tower Type Galvanized and Fiberglass
* Intelligent water supply systems manufacturer:
Booster Water Pump – A fire extinguisher booster in a variety of round and steady rounds.
* Started production with a team of expert analyst.
* The use of the standards required for the construction of the equipment specified
* Creating a unique social network for exchanging views of Pars Thermal users

Values ​​and beliefs governing Pars Industrial Group temperature:
Pars-Thermal Industrial Group has always believed that with the backing of its highly trained and trained personnel, it relied on the credibility of the related facility market and, in parallel, the use of the best technologies of the world, professionally as a constructor And the moderator and advisor will appear for you dear customer.
We strive to ensure that we always have the core of customer due to honesty and adherence to ethics and professionalism by knowing the customer’s needs and gaining his trust.

Address: Alborz Province-Karaj-Meidan Maidan Student Blvd – Second Street – Top Class Ahmadi Radiator Shop
Contact the various sections (sales, texting, support, after-sales service, etc.) through the following phone numbers:
Phone: 00982632719193
Fax: 00982632716334
Telegram: @parsdamaco