water softener

Water softener
It is a tank that the silica and ion exchange resins are inside of it. Two hard valves, one at the top and one at the bottom, can be accessed inside the water softener.
Next to the water softener is a salt fount for the water softener recovery, which is connected to the main water softener by the brine path pipe. The main water softener valve is called Soloid Volvo valve, which is the biggest water softener valve and its job is to change the water path in the water softener pipes for different purposes. In addition to Soloid Volvo valve, there are several smaller valves located in different parts of water softener. Such as: exhaust valve located at the top of the water softener. Inlet valve mounted on water softener inlet pipe. The outlet valve located in the tube of the water softener outlet path. The sampling valve located before the outlet valve on the water softener exhaust outlet pipe.
Other water softener valves include salt water valve in the brine path, drain valve in the backwash path, and drain valve in the drain path.

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